(POSTED: AUGUST 29, 2016)

My Roommate's an EscortTerrible roommates. Most of us have had them—and the unwashed dishes, late rent, missing food, and arguments over the Roger’s bill, that arise in their wake. The stories can become legendary, and can also inspire great comedy, for deep down, there is something hilarious about someone debating about what constitutes “excessive” use of dish soap.
Filmmakers Trish Rainone and Katie Uhlmann are taking the horrible roommate scenario and mining it for comedic purposes, with all the laughs and drama rendered into a ten-part web-series, intriguingly titled, My Roommate’s and Escort.

Or at least that’s what Rainone’s character, Heather, is trying to discern. Despite all of the hints and suggestions dropped by Uhlmann’s character Kesha, Heather just can’t be sure. Of course, it’s this misunderstanding that creates the comedic tension throughout.

Referring to Rainone and Uhlmann as filmmakers doesn’t give enough credit where it’s due. As mentioned, they are both playing the lead roles, and both have strong resumes in the acting department.

They also wrote the series together, are producing it together, and Uhlmann is taking the helm as director of the series.

“We’re shooting all of this in September,” Rainone explained. “We have it fully cast, and we’ve started crewing up,” for the Toronto shoot.

The ten episodes will run about five minutes each, and “basically in every episode the roommate does something that effects Heather,” Rainone says, adding that Heather “gets dragged into situations, and the roommate who’s creating all of the problems is completely oblivious to it.”

“She tries to deal with it but it blows up in her face,” Rainone says, referring to her character’s attempts to deduce the truth of her new roommate’s profession.

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