About ‘My Roommate’s an Escort’

mrae-poster-web“My Roommate’s an Escort” is an original comedy series created by and starring Trish Rainone and Katie Uhlmann. 

My Roommate’s an Escort follows the misadventures of Heather, a non-confrontational, small town girl from Sault Ste. Marie, as she tries to figure out whether her new roommate Kesha is an escort.

Instead of confronting Kesha about her employment situation, Heather tries a variety of passive-aggressive tactics to find out more about Kesha’s past. Each time Heather attempts to get closer to the truth, she ends up getting further from it and consequently gets dragged into the comedic world of the sketchy characters involved in Kesha’s life.

The cast consists of Canadian talent including: co-creators Katie Uhlmann (Katie Chats, Working Moms) and Trish Rainone (The Void, MayDay), Angela Asher (Hard Rock Medical, Degrassi), Juancarlos Velis (Downsizing, The Strain), John Tench (Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs 2, Murdoch Mysteries), Ellen Dubin (Napoleon Dynamite, The Collector), A.C. Peterson (Olympus, Hemlock Grove), Bobby Del Rio (IRL: The Series, Reservation), PJ Lazic (Casino Jack, The Bridge), Natasha Bromfield (Downsizing, The Strain),  Stephanie Baird (IRL:The Series) and more.

Can’t wait to watch My Roommate’s an Escort? Check out the trailer now!