About ‘My Roommate’s an Escort’

My Roommate’s an Escort is an award-winning, original comedy series created, written, produced by and starring Katie Uhlmann and Trish Rainone, and directed by Katie Uhlmann. The two-season comedy series follows the misadventures of small-town girl Heather and her sketchy, “entrepreneurial” roommate Kesha as they first become roommates, and then head up north to solve a mysterious crime!

The series was a critical and commercial hit in its first season, gaining 1.3 million views across all social media platforms, and winning numerous awards including the 2018 Best International Series at the Miami Web Festival and the 2017 Audience Choice Award at the Austin Revolution Film Festival. Season two recently launched on Facebook, ONNtv in Canada and Seeka TV in the U.S., and is once again garnering critical praise and attention.

Season one was shot in Toronto, Ontario and was executive-produced by Adrenaline Toronto and David Carruthers. Season two was filmed entirely on location in Sault. Ste. Marie, Ontario and was produced by Katie Uhlmann’s production company Katie Chats Inc. David Carruthers once again served as executive producer, along with Rebeka Herron and Dan Minke.

Season One – Poster

Season Two – Poster